Blackbaud CRM + Outlook 365 + Microsoft Teams

Be extra productive in the office and on the road!

Our solutions bring Blackbaud CRM , Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams and GenAI together on your desktop, in your web browser, and on your mobile device!

Enhance your Blackbaud CRM Experience

Silicon Harbor Solutions was founded with one goal in mind – to help nonprofit organizations and their fundraisers become more efficient and gain more value with their Blackbaud CRM experience. We focus on providing a cost-effective solution helping organizations get the most out of their Blackbaud CRM investment with our Outlook for Blackbaud CRM Plugin.

Flawless Collaboration

You use Blackbaud CRM. You use Microsoft Outlook and Teams. You are curious about GenAI. Now, use them all at the same time! We surface the most commonly used features by your fundraisers and donor support staff directly within Outlook, Teams and soon many other areas.

Increase Productivity

Have your data and functionality all in one place – no more copying and pasting emails or flipping between screens.

be Synchronized

Have all of your tasks and appointments all in one place and easily make updates or file contact reports.

World-Class Productivity

Increase productivity by giving your users the power of Blackbaud CRM within the familiar and productive Outlook interface. At the same time, capture more quality data within the system to make better informed decisions.

focus on what matters

Spend more time on your mission and less time searching for or entering data into Blackbaud CRM.

Improve adoption

You made a significant investment in Blackbaud CRM. Our plugin will help that investment pay off by making it easier for your users to adopt and get value from the system!

“Having the Silicon Outlook Integration product has made our working life at Bush Heritage so much easier!  For our office staff, being able to easily add an email to a person’s record in BBCRM saves time and frustration.  For our staff in the field, the ease of being able to add a new person, contact details or email to a record without having to open BBCRM has increased the use of the database”

Liz Hackett

Bush Heritage


Our features allow your users to manage their portfolios and activities without ever having to leave Outlook. And we’re continously adding more!

Easy to Implement

No customizations to Blackbaud CRM are required to use our Plugin (and we can work with your customizations too!)

Your Data at your fingertips

Easily find, view, and edit your constituent, prospect plan, and interaction data from directly within Outlook.

file contact reports

Save emails as interactions or contact reports and log phone calls or personal visits without having to log into Blackbaud CRM.

Manage your activities

Have your plan steps and interactions appear as tasks or calendar appointments – managing your activities all from one place!

High touch Support

Dedicated support to ensure your users are getting the most out of our Outlook Plugin!

Web & Mobile friendly

Web and Mobile Friendly features for organizations using Outlook 365. Desktop features available for Outlook 2010 and newer.

Focused and Dedicated…

Since 2015, we have been completely dedicated to our Outlook Plugin for Blackbaud CRM. This isn’t a side project for us – we’re a software company with a single mission in mind: to enable and support our thousands of users across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia bridge the gap between Blackbaud CRM and Microsoft Outlook…