Why Partner with SHS?

We know in today’s technical landscape  it is often overwhelming to select the right partner. Silicon Harbor Solutions was established with the goal in mind to make sure we provide the best solutions, the best experience and the most transparent value possible. 

Proven, Established, Preferred
  • Established in 2015, our solutions have matured and provided incredible returns in efficiency to our clients. Our products have been on the market for years and have been proven to enhance the Blackbaud CRM user experience.
  • We are the Preferred solution for Blackbaud CRM sales demos and often our products are shown before Blackbaud CRM as it is a natural ‘bridge’ into the system from Outlook. Whether in the US, Europe or the Pacific, our solutions are help lead Blackbaud CRM use and adoption around the world.
  • We currently have thousands of users at dozens of clients around the world on 4 continents and many will be happy to share their experience with you.
We Go Above and Beyond
  • Software development is only part of what we do and the experience you will have with us. We will be with you every step of the implementation process whether you’re pre Go-Live or have been running with Blackbaud CRM for years.
  • You’re not just getting a product, you’re getting a full integration solution package where we will help you plan, implement, train, support, improve and evolve how our tools are leveraged at your organization to provide an immediate impact.
Secure and Integrated
  • Your data is important and our designs have that in mind. Using the best experts from both Blackbaud and Microsoft we’ve spend countless hours ensuring your data will be safe and secure.
  • Whether Okta, Azure, CAS or other we can integrate with your environment to ensure a seamless and secure integration
You're Not Buying a Product, You're Making an Investment.
  • We are incredibly proud of the partnership and collaboration we have with our clients. Our solutions are constantly evolving, changing and adapting to changes in the industry for our users. That is why we put so much into our people, development and research.
  • We have over 30 clients on 4 continents. As we invest a vast majority directly back into our products, there is strength and promise in numbers and we only see that accelerating in the future!
  • Our updates and feature additions reflect feedback from our users. Out collaborative forums or routinely reviewed and used to help guide our roadmap.
  • Changed doesn’t happen once and we are constantly evolving to provide the best products available!
Value and ROI
  • Silicon Harbor Solutions was created to provide the best value solutions possible. Our mission is not to pad a portfolio, spawn new business opportunities or even strictly adhere to revenue and price targets. Rather, our mission is to provide affordable solutions that meet and exceed your needs.
  • Our pricing was devised to be ROI driven and attainable to all our prospects, with some going as far as a say our products are priced “too cheap.” That is ok with us and shows the high confidence in the value we offer. We have positioned ourselves in this manner to provide our offerings fairly while still ensuring we are able to build and grow to do more for our customers in the future.
  • SHS was started to help the non-profit community and we feel strongly we are doing that in a equitable manner to build a partnership with you, not assign a dollar value to your organization.
We are a Products Company First
  • Silicon Harbor Solutions was founded to provide the best possible products to our clients while keeping them affordable and feature rich.
  • Our people were Analysts, Developers, Architects and Technical Manager’s not Sale or Executives in previous roles. That makes a difference in the product, the collaboration and the quality of the product.
  • As a products company we are committed to the solutions we develop and are not limited by other consulting or services obligations. Due to this focus we are able to dedicate expert resources to deliver our products without compromise. We have no competing interests or other distractions, and simply focus on providing the best possible Outlook integration solutions for our clients.
  • Our solutions are of original (copywritten) design and engineered from the ground up based on feedback from the Blackbaud User community. While the original idea and design was created by Blackbaud experts, the solutions were a collaboration between and built by experts of Microsoft products. Due to this our solutions are optimized, secured and extended to provide you the best user experience possible. Blackbaud already makes CRM easily accessible via their API’s, our expertise makes it available the best way possible in Outlook.
  • We have over 30 years of experience not just with Blackbaud CRM, but more importantly are experts in the Outlook solutions you spend most of your time in.
Save Time. Save Money. Grow Opportunity.
  • An average interaction record will take anywhere from 45 seconds to upwards 15 minutes to enter fully. Our solutions take that down to mere seconds while ensuring the most information is entered as possible.
  • Our solutions help those who aren’t entering information, those who only enter ‘enough to get by’ and even those who fully enter all the information they can. As with many CRM’s you often have 3 choices, but can only choose two between: Data, Data Quality and Time. Our goal is to give all of those for all users. Get information into your CRM system. Get ALL of the quality information into your CRM system. Do it quickly and efficiently so your users can use that time for items more critical to your mission.
Desktop. Web. Mobile. Intelligent tools wherever you are.
  • Our ‘Classic’ product laid the foundation for a new, and better way to integrate Blackbaud CRM into your user’s technical ecosystem. It saves time, increases quality and removes much of the effort of using a robust but demanding system. With the release of our O365 ‘Cloud’ solution you now have many of those same features available in a new package for Outlook on your desktop, on the web and, most importantly, on your mobile device. Look up any constituent, quickly and easily make and log calls, open a map of their saved addresses and even launch into Blackbaud CRM directly for a deeper look no matter where you are or what device you’re on.
  • We offer the only Mobile solution for Outlook integration. Often your users are not in the office or at their computer but they are still checking emails and following up on CRM items that may be forgotten or not updated at a later time. With our ‘Cloud’ solution they can now Add, View, Edit, Close Interactions, Prospect Plan Steps, Stewardship Plan steps and more right from the palm of their hands, anywhere in the world.
  • Enhance your desktop experience. Our ‘Cloud’ solution gives you the ability to extend your user experience on your desktop as well by surfacing Constituent, Interaction, Plan and other information in real-time in a pane within the Outlook program; often automatically. This quick-view includes many of the features of our other products but also gives your users the ability to ‘Click through’ to Blackbaud CRM to quickly and easily. This saves times and increases efficiency.
Low Technical Debt and Resource Drain
  • Our products are designed to have the most positive impact on your CRM users, with minimal to no impact to your CRM environment and technical staff. This allows your staff to focus on other obligations, but it also helps in rolling out future upgrades and enhancements
  • As we utilize Blackbaud’s already available API’s, inherit security rights, inherit default fields and other information we are truly a ‘plug and play’ solution. By adhering to Blackbaud’s ‘Best Practices’ our solution is secure and stable.
  • In addition we supply various Administration tools for you to be able to manager your users, view logs and better control your release of our products to your users.
Value of client feedback
  • Our solutions were built not for the needs of a single client and then repackaged and scaled for others, rather from the feedback of multiple clients which has formed our ‘Classic’ and ‘Cloud’ solutions. This feedback from clients has allowed us to build the most efficient and easy to use products that helps with CRM adoption and ultimately more opportunity for your users.
  • We consistently engage with our user base, solicit feedback and ask for collaboration on new features. Those ideas are taken and drive the direction of new features and upgrades.
A robust Support model and Client Engagement
  • Support starts as soon as you become a partner with us. For those whose projects are not live yet, we will work with you to develop training and implementation strategy suited to your organization. We will work with you through evaluation, UAT and any other area so users naturally are comfortable with our solutions and how they integrate with Blackbaud CRM from day 1. For those already live we will work with you to ensure the solutions are put in the hands of your users as quickly as possible to start making an immediate impact.
  • While issues are rare, and because each client is different, we have implemented a Support Solutions Center with a multi-tier approach to ensuring issues are addressed and mitigated as quickly as possible. Our HelpDesk processing and ticketing system was created so your issues are evaluated and acted upon by the best resource possible, as quickly as possible. Everyone at Silicon Harbor Solutions has an obligation to ensure our clients are happy with our solutions and each play a roll in supporting our clients to enhance our readiness and response.
  • While we say you should expect a response to your Support needs within 24hrs, often it is much quicker.
  • A dedicated Customer Area is available for those who are the ‘Gate Keeper’ for their organization. Here they can view and download various versions of the solutions, view RFQ’s, How-To guides, etc.