GenAI is a powerful tool with the potential to revolutionize how we work, where we work and the impact of our work…

…unfortunately, like the logo it created above, it does not always get it exactly right…

That is where we come in. Over the past few years Silicon Harbor has invested in research and experiments tied to AI and Machine learning, yes even before ChatGPT became Tech’s new love affair. Our curiosity was catalyzed by interest in implementing NLP modeling for sentiment analysis tools to be built into our current solutions.

As more and more tools and solutions have flooded the market, our focus has evolved and expanded rapidly as we have come to understand many of the tools available on the market today and we have been able to implement unique custom solutions around GPT’s, workflow Automation and other special projects.

Leveraging our expertise in custom software creation, years of deep understanding and experience with Microsoft’s expanding tools portfolio and our goal to “Meet users where they are” we look forward to being a part of building with GenAI into the future.

If you have any questions, projects, goals or other curiosities, please reach out as we would love to collaborate with you in this exciting new space!

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