Desktop, Web and Mobile. Save Time and Do More from Anywhere in the world with ‘Cloud’ for O365.


In 2015 our ‘Classic’ product was released and laid the foundation for a new, and better way to integrate Blackbaud CRM into a user’s technical ecosystem on their desktop. It saves time, increases data quality and removes much of the effort of using a robust but demanding CRM system. With the release of our O365 ‘Cloud’ solution in 2018, users now have many of those same features available in a new package for Outlook on their Desktop, on the Web and, most importantly, on their Mobile device. We’ve built in some new features that allows users the ability to look up any constituent in Blackbaud CRM on the fly, quickly and easily make and log calls, leverage device functionality for a number of actions such as opening a map of  saved constituent addresses and even launch into Blackbaud CRM directly for a deeper dive no matter where they are or what device they’re on.

Core features carried over from our ‘Classic’ solution but redesigned for ‘Cloud’  allow users to Add, View, Edit and Close Interactions, Prospect Plan Steps, Stewardship Plan steps and much more right from the palm of their hands, anywhere in the world. This is a unique solution that integrates securely between Blackbaud CRM and Microsoft Outlook 365.

In addition, our ‘Cloud’ solution gives users the ability to extend their user experience on the desktop as well by surfacing Constituent, Interaction, Plan and other information in real-time in a pane within the Outlook program; often automatically. This quick-view includes many of the features of our other products but also gives your users the ability to ‘Click through’ to Blackbaud CRM to quickly and easily. This saves times and increases efficiency while passively drawing a user’s attention to tasks that may need to be completed or suggested to be completed.

Constituent Management

Received an email but don’t recognize the name? You can look up a summary of that constituent from right within Outlook. See their constituencies, address, phone number, and primary relationships!

If that constituent doesn’t exist or if you need to add their email address to their record, you can create that new record or add that email within Outlook!

Lookup Constituent 

Often you only need an email address, phone number or other quick information on a Constituent but it takes time to jump to CRM, find the right information and complete your task. With the SHS Classic and Cloud Solutions you can now look up any constituent quickly and easily from right within Outlook. Do not see the information you are after? Simply slick on the globe icon to be take directly to the constituent’s profile in CRM in your browswer.

File Contact Reports and Interactions

Do you want to store a copy of that email in your contact report? Using our plugin, you can file contact reports that automatically include the contents of your email, including the attachments!

Not related to a specific step in your prospect plan? You can also file an unplanned contact report or file the email as a general interaction!

Manage Your Portfolio and Activities

Wish you could see your Blackbaud CRM Steps and Interactions as Appointments and Tasks in Outlook? Now you can! Stay on top of your Calendar and To-Do list and mark steps as complete without having to access Blackbaud CRM!

Data Management
Complete common tasks quickly in Blackbaud CRM directly from Outlook. Add new constituents, new interactions, or new prospect plan steps easily and quickly.

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