Save your Emails, Manage your Calendar, Enhance your Fundraising Experience with ‘Classic’ for Desktop



Constituent Management

Received an email but don’t recognize the name? You can look up a summary of that constituent from right within Outlook. See their constituencies, address, phone number, and primary relationships!

If that constituent doesn’t exist or if you need to add their email address to their record, you can create that new record or add that email within Outlook!


File Contact Reports and Interactions
Do you want to store a copy of that email in your contact report? Using our plugin, you can file contact reports that automatically include the contents of your email, including the attachments!

Not related to a specific step in your prospect plan? You can also file an unplanned contact report or file the email as a general interaction!


Manage Your Portfolio and Activities

Wish you could see your Blackbaud CRM Steps and Interactions as Calendar Appointments and Tasks in Outlook? Now you can! Stay on top of your Calendar and To-Do list and mark steps as complete without having to access Blackbaud CRM!

Data Management
Complete common tasks quickly in Blackbaud CRM directly from Outlook. Add new constituents, new interactions, or new prospect plan steps easily and quickly.





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